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CERAGEM Won 쏞SV Management Award at the Korea Marketing Awards Ceremony





Healthcare company Ceragem won the 쏞SV Management Award at 2016 Korea Marketing Awards Ceremony held at the National Assembly building on March 30.


The 쏫orea Marketing Awards was co-created by the Korea Marketing Association and the CSV Management Association to enhance Korea셲 industry competitiveness by encouraging and promoting the entrepreneurs and corporations who create a successful market performance through various marketing activities.

Ceragem셲 innovative and customer oriented marketing efforts as well as contributions to the community were highly evaluated in the assessment made by the customers and marketing experts.  


쏞reating Shared Value (CSV) means creating new business opportunity by sharing value in the process of resolving social problems. Ceragem셲 CSV management includes the strategy to nurture the business aiming for seniors by solving the social problems naturally generated in the aging society. 


Ceragem셲 business model is receiving a spotlight as a new management paradigm as it brings new business opportunity delivering the value of 쐉oy, 쐆ealth, and 쐆appiness to the company and customers. 


Ceragem set the norms of management policy and standardized it to earn the customer셲 credibility through the transparent business management. Ceragem is receiving a positive response from the local communities by participating actively in the public services such as relief efforts, philanthropy activities and corporate social responsibility. 


Ceragem President Kim, Sang-sik said, 쏧 am very glad that Ceragem셲 efforts to help our customers as well as the society in Korea and overseas were highly recognized and receiving notable achievement with this award. Ceragem will continuously endeavor to enhance Ceragem셲 value that is supporting customers wellbeing in the global market over 70 countries.   


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