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2016 Head of Ceragem Global Corporation Workshop Held


The 2016 Head of Ceragem Global Corporation Workshop was held at the Largoville Resort on Ganghwado Island, Incheon from July 20 to 22 for three days.



With the theme 쏞hange and Innovation for Rebirth of Ceragem, the workshop for the second half of 2016 was attended by the heads of Ceragem global corporations and 40 executives and employees from the Cheonan headquarters. On the first day of the workshop, participants went on a mountain climbing trip to Manisan Mountain to renew their pledge to achieve the goals for 2016. This mountain on Ganghwado Island, Incheon is a symbolic place that is also very well-known for its positive Qi energy in Korea. All the participants were able to reach the top of the mountain successfully, and it was an opportunity for the company to take a new leap forward in the industry.

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