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Ceragem-Business Partners CEO Conference


Ceragem conducted the Ceragem-Business Partners CEO Conference on June 29, 2016. The conference included CEOs of 15 major business partners to facilitate win-win business management for both Ceragem and its partners.


Participants from Ceragem included its CEO as well as senior executives and staff in relevant divisions. Senior executives responsible for global business were also present in the conference, listening attentively to various voices of business partners.

The conference proceeded for more than two hours. It consisted of greetings between the newly inaugurated CEO Lee Kyu-Cheol of Ceragem and CEOs of its business partners as well as mutual sharing of innovative management philosophy centered on 쏯ew-Normal, New-Ceragem and ethical management.



 CEO Lee Kyu-Cheol attributed Ceragem셲 global success and reputation as a top-notch healthcare company in the world to its devotion to strengthening product reputation and tankism (represented by solid product quality). He acknowledged significant contributions of Ceragem셲 business partners to its success and, representing Ceragem, he conveyed gratitude to them.



Through the conference, Ceragem emphasized details of its management philosophical changes and their significance to business partners as well as commitment to setting new standards with them. The conference, overall, reflected Ceragem셲 efforts to actively pursue communication with business partners.

Additionally, Executive Vice President Choe Seon-gjin, who is responsible for global business in Ceragem, reiterated that what makes Ceragem셲 employees confidently recommend its products to customers around the world is outstanding product quality, ensuring that quality is the most important thing Ceragem needs.

CEOs of Ceragem셲 business partners welcomed Ceragem셲 ethical management philosophy and reconfirmed its dedication to ensuring products with the highest quality as part of an agreement to obtain number one product reputation and tankism in the world.

Business partners also made several suggestions during the conference, and CEO Lee Kyu-Cheol promised that Ceragem would actively incorporate them into its management practices.

As business partners also suggested, a Ceragem-Business Partners CEO Conference would be held regularly, introducing Ceragem셲 management status and policies to business partners as well as serving as an occasion to hear suggestions and complaints from them.

This conference signaled that Ceragem and its business partners would continue to communicate well with each other in the pursuit of being the best healthcare company in the world.

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